mandag den 17. juni 2019

Kalteldur will be on pause and will hopefully be back again after the Summer. All the demos and albums I will receive this month will be the last reviewed until the resurrection!

søndag den 9. juni 2019

Disen Gage - Nature

All the way from Mother Russia, Disen Gage has been existence since 1999. Taking elements from prog-rock, free-jazz, space-ambient, noise, and industrial music... so far they have come up with 7 albums and this one is their newest which came out last year via (No Name) label (Seriously!... that is the label name). A 3 track album, where each track is about 15 minutes each. A concept album working around the planets, trains, and animals. Otherwise, read this official and interesting concept statement:

This story started a long time ago when the participants of Disen Gage scoured in the night in the dangerous vicinity of the Moscow railroad station “Sortirovochnaya” trying to capture fascinating sonic roulades emitted by the wagons. At the same time, on the other side of the globe, in the State of Iowa, astronomers succeed in converting strange signals coming from the orbit of Jupiter into audible sound palettes. Later, in an Australian swamp, Mrs. Toad said to Mr. Crocodile: "Dude, why not concoct a Tops-of-the-Pops album of all those ingredients, one on which we would sing all together?” "I'll call Mr. Bear, my Siberian friend. He knows how to mix all stuff with a beat", answered Mr. Crocodile. Finally, the Nature, crafted from sounds of planets, trains, and animals including higher primates, is now in your hands. Still, we wonder how the human ear will take this… 
…and songs of the mushroom kingdom and bacteria are coming next.

The very first track (I know I have mentioned Dr.Who before) sucks you and the Tardis into some deep and weird dimension (We are talking about black and white Dr.Who-era). One of those kinds of dimensions where normality, as we know, ceases to exist! I can Recommend seeing The Mind Robber episode or The Edge of Destruction. Psychedelic trippy space-ambient with looped industrial machine rhythms... think the surreal and heavy industrial sounds of Deutsche Nepal and the cosmic space exploration ideas from Biosphere. Really like the first track, a lovely kind of organic feel to it. Interesting elements of free-jazz and deep space drones end it. 

Second track Trains, it gets a bit more... desolate and eerie. Sort of like being completely alone on a huge (and old) train station. Looped wind-sweeping rhythmic sounds, in the distance you have screaming trains slowing down the speed, hidden sound-drones lurk, repetitive and breathtaking and haunting ambient-tunes. The whole track just feels like something you want to dive into, and have you completely absorbed. Excellent soundtrack material here, really good!.

Last track Animals has according to the CD-cover a wide range of different animals as guest musicians. Anything from a bear, hyenas, crocodile, toad... you name it!. Looped, repetitive and exquisite strangeness streams through your speakers. Who could have thought that animal sounds could be so interesting?. Almost a kind of technoid rhythmic-electronica feel to this piece. Love it when you can hear the wolves howling here. Interesting psychedelic sludge-metal kind of ending.

I have nothing bad to say about this. An incredible unique release with a HUGE world of the sound-aesthetic inside (and ready to be explored!). The sound quality is worth to mention since it is incredible great!. When I am reviewing this release, I am sitting in a room where I have perfect stereo-sound. And the stereo sound is just mindbending here, it feels real and you can almost touch the sounds. You can feel and hear how the recorded elements float around you! This album is an absolute must! Again, it is available on digital format and on CD as well. You can get the physical CD format via the label-link below!.

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søndag den 2. juni 2019

Stone Wired - G.R.I.M. [2008-2018]

Released last Christmas 2018, a double compilation (and double-sided) cassette release from Stone Wired limited to 66 copies. 2 beautiful cassettes encased in a lovely outer box. Both cassettes contain 2 albums on each side, first one has the albums Grim and Cold Bodies (recorded 2008-2018) and the second tape has the albums Habitual Discomfort and Dead (recorded 2018-2019).

Stone Wired is one of the numerous industrial projects from the same mind which gave us Human Vault, a project which thoroughly explores moody minimal electronic body music (see the former review of Human Vault´s Primordial). Stone Wired works within the perimeter of sinister death-industrial and flesh-scraping industrial-drone ambient. 

The first album called G.R.I.M. moves into death-industrial soundtracks. Really has a lot of "charm" to it, being submerged into every kind of basic human perversions you can think u cannot help but feel that every track has a story to tell. It´s primitive death-industrial with a touch of a high-tech sound, but not high-tech in a glossy and shallow kind of way. A thing between the heavy-ambient horror-soundtrack diversity of Swedish Megaptera to the kind of background stuff one (just might) could notice on albums like The Infidel by Doubting Thomas (Skinny Puppy side-project).

Second album Cold Bodies is something completely else. Murky drone and dark heavy ambiance get mixed up together in a toxic cesspool! Empty (and devoid of life) landscapes stretch on and on without end, almost have a post-nuclear feel to it. Total and pure isolationist ambient music with a focused apocalyptic feel. I would although prefer G.R.I.M. album compared to this one. I am a sucker for sound dynamics and I do think (to a certain degree) that Cold Bodies could use a bit more of that. Could charm the fans of Lustmord or Desiderii Margrnis. 

The third album Habitual Discomfort is... a kind of thing in between the G.R.I.M. and Cold Bodies. More in the ritual-industrial kind of way. Delivering industrial sounds while laying it cool with icy-drones. The coldness of the ambient-orientated tracks on this album actually works better for me than on Cold Bodies. The sound dynamics seem more organic and sincere. One of the tracks on here takes me back to the soundtrack to Clive Carpenter´s excellent sci-fi horror flick The Thing, cold and calculated atmosphere with a sense of... a certain kind of doomed dread which suddenly can appear without a single warning! Interesting focus on true-crime themes on this one, notice the samples/recordings being used here.

Fourth and last offering simply called Dead thrives on industrial noise and bass-driven ambiance. Not that far away from some of the classic and minimalistic recordings with early death-industrial pioneer Brighter Death Now. It has that slightly claustrophobic damp cellar kind of feel, pretty much being engulfed or swallowed up by that specific pitch black kind of darkness. Without a doubt the most sinister of these 4 minialbums on these two cassette-tapes.

And there you have it. Pretty much worth it from the start and to the end. It delivers what it should deliver when it comes to this kind of death industrial music. Balanced between the old school and the new school of death industrial. High tech sound, but still with a minimal and primitive aesthetic. Not a waste of time at all, worth your time!

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lørdag den 1. juni 2019

Merzbow -  Kaerutope 

Written By Kristian Robert Carter

The second disk of the Japanese only releases of new Merzbow material recorded in 2016 - 2018. The sleeve is a jet black exotic frog or toad and all four tracks are simply named Frog. There are four tracks V1, V2, V3 and V5. Frog V4 made its appearance on the other Slow Down release Indigo Dada which was released simultaneously to Kaerutope. 

Frog V1 opens the album with the processed calls of amphibians that have been shaped into percussive clusters that act as a muffled slow quiet rhythm. Masami stealthily begins to weave a disparate and bewildering array of audio into the track, hums, pulses and discordant machinery emerge from the murky fugue. This track sounds muffled and there is obviously a deliberate process of obstufcation

Obsfucation. At times this is like a soundtrack to an hospital ward, where the listener is slipping in and out of consciousness, barely able to focus on their surroundings before sinking once again into narcotised tranquility. Frog V2 and V3 segue effortlessly into place and continue in much the same way as the opening track but subtle and beguiling elements are skilfully woven into the mix including a discordant picked string instrument, muffled washes of analogue squall, metallic percussion and a strange saw like sound. Flickers of detuned radio flit across the channels like a bird taking flight in the almost pitch black darkness of night. The closing track Frog V5 has a sense of impending ultimatum as a pulsating drone begins to slowly build in both speed and intensity. As the drone increases in tempo the accompanying scrapes, gurgles and Geiger counter like chattering grow louder and more persistent. Once again the processed amphibians return this time though their calls are almost like the harbingers of the planets collapsing the ecosystem. Over the inexorable advance of the planets gravedigger, this is the howl of nature. Shrieking back at its cold insensitive visage.


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tirsdag den 21. maj 2019

Black Crown - S/T

Black Crown was delivered in my mailbox some months ago. I had an idea where this tape was from (but I wasn´t sure!). The project/act calls itself Black Crown, which is written/printed on thin, light-brown and plain cardboard-like paper (love the font!). No notes regarding who did the recording, no notes about when this recording was created and where. No information regarding... well anything!. The tape does reveal some kind of information, which is as follows: Limited to only 7 limited copies, a & b side + track-title. The track titles are really hard to read, the handwriting doesn't look clumsy but strangely... mysterious and automatic. Like the kind of handwriting, one might do after being possessed by some ghost/spirit who wants to deliver some kind of message on a piece of brown and thin cardboard paper. 

Now again, we are talking about a two-track cassette tape release. Self-released from the artist himself )I think). The first track on the A-side opens the doors wide-open for anything being completely enshrouded in obscurity. Strange mesmerizing ritualistic words being uttered (German language maybe?), heavily reverbed sampled vintage music going (Early rockabilly, blues, Motown, etc). And that is it, it all sounds very simple.... but it really isn't. Try to imagine that you are in a damp cellar, and this strange ghost-like band from days-gone-by are playing upstairs in the school's gym. That is exactly how it sounds and feel like. Very, very ... interesting!. Never heard anything like it! It just has to be heard to really understand it. The way the sound and the reverb has been treated is really... otherworldly. Kind of ... David Lynch/Twin Peaks soundtrack in psychedelic and strangely erotic haze.

Next track continues the same moldy-aesthetic psychedelic vintage mood. And then you are asking yourself, is that a bad thing?. No, because you seriously enjoyed the A-side and would like to have that feel continue. I would say that when you get to the B-side you would then be utterly hypnotized. When you have finished the tape/B-side, you will then flip it over and continue with the A-side once again!. And yes, it is that damn good and interesting. Avant-Gard aesthetics with a touch of ghostly vintage rock music, pure mood music for those obsessed with it! (fans of early C93, Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France etc). Go seek it! (if you can!). Note for this release, there is no Bandcamp or Discogs link (to be a detective and seek this rarity out!). 

onsdag den 15. maj 2019

Anonymous Masturbaudioum & Tuffo

Our favorite nylon fetish project Anonymous Masturbaudioum did an older split release (On Marbre Negre) back in 2017 with another project called Tuffo. A 2 two track cassette+digital release, capturing almost 70 minutes of raw and moody noise-wall material.

Each project works on doing a kind of noise-tribute to one of their favorite flicks. With Anonymous Masturbaudioum we´re dealing with a flick by Tinto Brass called The Key. If you do not know who Tinto Brass is, then I can reveal to you that he is the guy who did the infamous Caligula movie! In his early days, he was dealing in avant-garde movies, but later on, he began working with erotic themes incorporated in his movies. Here is information could be obtained about the Key on the world wide web:

The Key (Italian: La chiave) is a 1983 Italian erotic film directed by Tinto Brass. Set in Venice under the fascist regime in the early months of 1940, it recounts a tale of a voluptuous woman in her forties who is unable to respond to her husband but undergoes a belated sexual awakening with her daughter's fiancé, which enables her to please her husband at last. The film caused a scandal in some quarters because it contains several explicit shots of nudity (characterized by certain critics as "gynecological") and sex scenes involving the well-known actress Stefania Sandrelli. However, the film ultimately obtained a decent level of commercial success.

A blistering stereo-stimulating pain and pleasure experience with occasional samples from the movie running in the background. The whole noise-wall sounds like something cracking from above and then moving further down, microscopic shredding of a paper in slow-motion would be one way to describe it. Hypnotic suggestions of looped ambient moods are also present. Sheer delicate brutality to the point of extasy! 

Next in life is Tuffo, who will be doing the tribute to one of the greatest horror flicks ever made. Yes, we are talking about the Ed Gein inspired cult-flick the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974 by Tope Hooper (R.I.P). Atmospheric, heavy and ritualistic drone-based distortions start the lovely B-side. Almost to the point of being drone-metal actually! Interesting flesh scraping knife-to-the-guitar-strings-sound (or something similar) going on. Screaming and sutle-expressive distortion pedals join up as well, starting off in a gentle way and evolve further on to more classic (and aggressive) harsh-noise territory. Interesting metallic steel-like bangings going on,  which also can be heard on the soundtrack for the movie. The whole recording is a soundtrack journey through sun-scorched murderous madness. Very breathtaking and intense!

So what are you waiting for?!. Classic and weird vintage cult movies bash up with the sound of modern noise artists! It works! And yes, we need more of this. Way more!. Go around Marbre Negre and acquire this excellent concept split cassette of a beast!.

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torsdag den 9. maj 2019

Anaru - Cold Zero

Long time since last time. Kalteldur reviewed the cult only-digital debut-album release named Rising Storm with Anaru way back in 2017. It was a VERY great debut, and I couldn´t help looking forward to hearing new material from this mysterious cyberpunk inspired Lithuanian electro-based project. This time we are facing a physical cassette-tape release via our favorite U.S industrial label Black Ring Rituals (see former releases!). Only 25 copies, but there is STILL some left at Black Ring Rituals (So be fast!).

First track Operacija Cold Zero enters cold soundtrack-based ritual music, very metallic... very hypnotic intro. Try to imagine sedatives being injected into you before an operation, that kind of touch!. Next track Vienintelė opcija - į pražūtį! works around the same hypnotic (and darkly futuristic) mood. Digital computer noises, train-like screams, whispering and echoed east-European voices and an exquisite and eerie rain-dropping on sheets kind of rhythm. The third track enters a more technoid isolated-feel. The coldness of the rhythms plus the almost psychedelic eerieness of the mood makes me think of U.S-based Illusion of Safety. I also can´t help thinking of Autechre´s classic Basscadet from their early years, you´ll know what I mean when you hear this track. The warped and multilayered samples here works REALLY good with the skeletal rhythms. Fourth track Ascetique Inhumane expands the eerieness even further, adding tribal rhythms, howling from a wolf... with a VERY weird and interesting soundtrack background recording which I cannot identify. I know that it does sound weird with a wolf howling with tribal rhythms on something being... cyberpunk inspired (BUT) I think it works for some reason unknown! Fifth track with it clinal aggressive drummings and vacuum-like soundscapes ends the A-side of the tape very nicely.

The B-side starts off with ėnomąsapisaižreV {system_reboots}, the longest track on the album (7 minutes). Static electrocution-sounds, deep ambient-synths, looped echoed voices and with a haunting and ghost-like tv-sample mood playing backward... actually kind of disturbing (in a good way of course!). The second on the B-side offers post-war-themed shellshock aesthetics of utter doom. Imagining a huge city being in total ruins, the radioactive matter cannot be avoided. Third track starts off with the alarm sounding (as if it wasn't enough standing in a ruined radioactive city!). Rhythms are added here, with something on the synth sounding like a melody. Almost being a jolly track with a danceable melody attached to it. I know I know, most people would probably think that the electronic drums are too primitive sounding... but I think that in the overall context it does have a certain charm. Next track Ordo welcomes the listener with the sound of diving German Stuka bombers (I think). The last you would hear before... well... The alarms are still ringing with this track. No doubt about it that a world war is close by. Last two tracks on this album being Club Bonus tracks, extra tracks for the thirsty. First one working as an outro sort of, resampling the intro track on the A-side of the album. Second (and last) track on the album closes it all up with an upbeat psychedelic treat, time to wake up from your sedative/operation?. Let us hope that the operation has been a success!.     

If you like the first album with Anaru, then this second release is a must to check up on. Functioning as a sort of continuation of the first Anaru release. Need a decent and unique cyberpunk mood, here is a good place to start! Remember to be QUICK on the cassette (link below). 

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