onsdag den 2. januar 2019

Kadaver - Tavola Anatomica IX

The latest release from (might be) one of the loudest noise acts from Israel. Having it´s aesthetic-foundation firmly rooted in classic death-industrial, power electronics, and harsh ambiance. This new one is the 24th album from this Kadaver, which Michael Zolotov started back in 2005.

This time we are dealing with (a sort of) tribute to the morbid but beautiful engravings of Giulio Caseri and Andrea Versalio. Several tributes to these guys have been made by the label Tavloe Anatomiche, and this one is number IX in the series (Check the link below!). A 4 track album and almost 40 minutes in total. 

First and longest track on the album All Our Ghosts gives the listener a proper introduction, into the noisy murkiness of Kavaver. Not a bass-driven death-industrial sort of sound, but more of screaming and vortex-like noise-wall piece with blackened ambient and noise/post-rock elements. Almost has that, early TG distorted-guitar-sound edge to it. Strange distorted noises pop in and out, almost like if someone is jerking with a wire somewhere. In the beginning, it doesn't sound intentional, but in the progress, you´ll learn to love it actually.

Second track called The Y Cut gets closer to the seductive death-industrial roots/sound, grinding and flesh-scraping distorted throbbing-moods on the verge of being almost hypnotic. Reverbed and distortion go hand in hand here in beautiful matrimony! Fans of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), take notice!

Third offering It´s Painful, I Know explores the reverbed morbid-moods closer to a cathedral than inside a morgue. I can almost sense a kind of melancholic/suicidal melody in here, being played at a very slow speed. A very spiritual, saddened but beautiful piece! Love the way the track ebbs out.

The last cut on the disc Unbody being a very mysterious and minimal piece compared to the other tracks. Hypnotic metallic-reverbed drones throbs up and down in a subtle way, further on a high pitched tone fades in and suddenly drops out. Reminds me of early Megaptera / Deafmachine sound (which I worship!). A great way to end this excellent album.

And there you have, moody death-industrial (with a lot of character) dish served as it should. But be quick about it, the physical CD format being limited to only 36 copies! Still not convinced? Check out the cover artwork description from the label here :

The covers are printed on paper of 200 grams, closed with dimensions of 13,50x21,70 cm. about 40.50x21.70 cm. about. In the center of each table there is a small appendix with the incision of a different anatomical detail that is different for each volume of the series.
The front of the cover in cutted on the center, and has a different cut for each volume, which allows you to see a part of the inner anatomy.
The cover is sealed with a fabric tape that holds a plexiglas blade and plastic needle with black thread.
Inside the cover are some small inserts related to historical images of the anatomies, and two cards with the copy number (each copy has a double insert with number of copy), all is collected with a piece of gauze closed with a patch. One of the coy number is a toe tag with a black ribbon.
Each Tavola Anatomica is strictly limited to 36 nunbered copies, and has different color of plexiglas blade, ribbon and plastic needle, and a different form of cut on front cover.


 So what are you waiting for!!. Go and get it! Worth it.

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