onsdag den 9. januar 2019

Dendera Bloodbath - Ascariasis

Last year the Italian label Ho.Gravi.Malattie came out with this release from a project which hasn´t reached my ears. Being described as experimental darkwave (but darker) to West Coast dark noise. Inspirations hail from the likes of Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Autechre to Kate Bush and also a certain political upheavel in Egypt. According to Discogs, we´re dealing with the fifth physical release from this act (On cassette). But it shall also be noted that several only-digital releases can also be located on Dendera Bloodbath´s official Bandcamp site. This one is the latest release from this act, 9 tracks and about 28 minutes long. 

Electronica ritualistic glitch wrapped in a distorted sound-mesh, being the first thought that entered my mind with the very first track Abdominal Swelling and Shortness of Breath. Strange and eerie electronic-infused flute-like melodies and ritualistic beatings submerged in primitive glitchness (sounds like a live-recording). This tradition follows up nicely on the second track Contaminated Soil, thumbing death-industrial´ish rumblings combined with relentless electronic harshness. Third track fusions the idea between a noise-wall and static distorted glitchness. Fourth offering Pancreatic Injury puts the listener into a screaming metallic piece of rust-infected machinery, like an old washing-machine having its last wash maybe?. Rest of the album should be explored further by the reader/listener, the same kind of sounds and moods follows the mini-album/EP up.

My ears hurt actually and I do think it´s mostly positive cause the release sparks with new and experimental sound ideas. A couple of things that I do miss is that the sounds don't actually get out and crap your attention (sounds like a bad live recording), and heavy bass-like sound-foundations being completely absent, in the end, the recording will hurt your ears due to the high frequencies involved within. Being a very unique recording with some interesting ideas involved, a better recording of what is going on could be the way forward for a release like this. But if you are a cassette fetish for weird cover-art, then I suggest that you should read this:

HgM wants to inform about the artwork made by Omega Kunst: they are guts and worms sealed in resin. So, since it's an organic material, is possible, in future, that can release an unpleasant stench.

Ascariasis contains:

- front cover and insert on x-ray film
- purple transparent tape (30 minutes)
- special artwork (guts and worms sealed in resin) made by Omega Kunst

All included in a specimen plastic bag

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