søndag den 7. april 2019

Mörka Skogens Vindar - S/T

Olof S Redig (Fåntratt, Rymdborg, Erdig) has started a new dungeon synth inspired track called Mørka Skogens Vindar (Dark Forrest Winds). A quicky sold-out debut cassette release, but still available for anyone on by digital means on Bandcamp

4 tracks, 30 minutes. All revolving around a cold and dark forest-theme, the very kind people get lost in and end up freezing to certain doom. Not a totally gloomy uncharming forest, but the sort with a certain... magically beauty. Sparkling and glittering snowy frost here and there, breathtaking white mountains, ethereal kind of fog, mesmerizing winter silence... And at that point, you are probably already lost! The whole album has that... it sucks you in and keeps you there kind-of-feel. You have an allowance to enter this secret world, and once you are in there ... you don´t really want to leave. So yes, we are talking about an enchanted but beautiful forest filled with dryads, elves, gnomes, etc etc. Small´ish magical creatures with pointed ears reader to either charm you or throw a bloody curse on you!

It is a wonderful place to explore, the entire album brings your very favorite peace-of-mind forest right into your own living room. It´s Olof´s slightly folksy psychedelic drone dungeon synth, with a little more attention to back-to-basics ambient music. The album contains those classic Brian Eno moments! (Music for Airports era). Most interesting detail about this release is that he even had help from one of his kids doing improvised stuff on his synth. It gives the album and the sound a certain nostalgic charm, very unique!. So what are you waiting for, grab and read your favorite Nordic fairy tale story and have this running in the background!. 

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