onsdag den 15. maj 2019

Anonymous Masturbaudioum & Tuffo

Our favorite nylon fetish project Anonymous Masturbaudioum did an older split release (On Marbre Negre) back in 2017 with another project called Tuffo. A 2 two track cassette+digital release, capturing almost 70 minutes of raw and moody noise-wall material.

Each project works on doing a kind of noise-tribute to one of their favorite flicks. With Anonymous Masturbaudioum we´re dealing with a flick by Tinto Brass called The Key. If you do not know who Tinto Brass is, then I can reveal to you that he is the guy who did the infamous Caligula movie! In his early days, he was dealing in avant-garde movies, but later on, he began working with erotic themes incorporated in his movies. Here is information could be obtained about the Key on the world wide web:

The Key (Italian: La chiave) is a 1983 Italian erotic film directed by Tinto Brass. Set in Venice under the fascist regime in the early months of 1940, it recounts a tale of a voluptuous woman in her forties who is unable to respond to her husband but undergoes a belated sexual awakening with her daughter's fiancé, which enables her to please her husband at last. The film caused a scandal in some quarters because it contains several explicit shots of nudity (characterized by certain critics as "gynecological") and sex scenes involving the well-known actress Stefania Sandrelli. However, the film ultimately obtained a decent level of commercial success.

A blistering stereo-stimulating pain and pleasure experience with occasional samples from the movie running in the background. The whole noise-wall sounds like something cracking from above and then moving further down, microscopic shredding of a paper in slow-motion would be one way to describe it. Hypnotic suggestions of looped ambient moods are also present. Sheer delicate brutality to the point of extasy! 

Next in life is Tuffo, who will be doing the tribute to one of the greatest horror flicks ever made. Yes, we are talking about the Ed Gein inspired cult-flick the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974 by Tope Hooper (R.I.P). Atmospheric, heavy and ritualistic drone-based distortions start the lovely B-side. Almost to the point of being drone-metal actually! Interesting flesh scraping knife-to-the-guitar-strings-sound (or something similar) going on. Screaming and sutle-expressive distortion pedals join up as well, starting off in a gentle way and evolve further on to more classic (and aggressive) harsh-noise territory. Interesting metallic steel-like bangings going on,  which also can be heard on the soundtrack for the movie. The whole recording is a soundtrack journey through sun-scorched murderous madness. Very breathtaking and intense!

So what are you waiting for?!. Classic and weird vintage cult movies bash up with the sound of modern noise artists! It works! And yes, we need more of this. Way more!. Go around Marbre Negre and acquire this excellent concept split cassette of a beast!.

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