mandag den 15. januar 2018

Talog - Ukleta Kotlina

One of my favorite DS-related acts doing Slavonian grim ambiance, out now (12/01 2018) with it´s fifth Bandcamp release. With this one, I am hoping for a physical release!

Cold, snow-dominated and desolate vintage synths welcome the listeners, there is not a warm fire here to warm your cold and frozen little bodies. Walking through a burned down village, the smell of burned down huts and decay is almost unbearable. Being utterly left to ruin and stagnation is the sound of O Zaboraljenoj Zemlji, which means something about a Forgotten Land. Forgotten indeed, a truly sad and beautiful way to start this release. 

U Tmini I Tamnici (In Dark Dungeons) offers martial drummings through a dark dungeon. Which will only offer a certain doom for the unlucky dungeoneers?

Last track Smrt Bez Spokoja (Death Without Rest) offers a nice and quiet solitude´ish nature to the album. A sad title name, but a strangely uplifting piece. Feels more like death is a nice thing for the souls on fire and agony. A slowly and majestic melodic ambient nail in the coffin!. 

A great digital (Sofar) mini-album which perfectly suits the cold European winter in January (mostly being the coldest month over here). A unique DS release for the DS crowd. Do yourself a favor and give it a "warm" spin!