fredag den 5. oktober 2018

Megaptera - Disease (Rerelease)

One of the most anticipated death-industrial releases of 2018, a cult item worth anyone (who is into dark-ambient, death-industrial and dungeon synth)´s attention! One of the grand and classic death-industrial pioneers, besides other pioneering acts like Brighter Death Now and Archon Satani. The release Disease being the 7th album by Megaptera and it was originally released on Art Konkret back in 1996, in a limited stock of 1000 copies. Since then it has been a collectible cult item for death-industrial fanatics, the price tag on Discogs would explain that. Nevertheless, it was decided to re-release in a stock of 300 copies via Ur Muzik, remastered the damn bugger but none other than Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Folkstorm etc). And of course, re-creating the cover art to fit the modern age. You can notice in the cover-art that someone in Megaptera being a huge Cabaret Voltaire fan, even had it made to be a tribute to the dear old band and their classic cover designs, enough of that. The album works like a mini-album/EP with only 4 tracks BUT... it almost runs 60 minutes!. 

The first 2 minutes of the first track, gives the listener that certain (and GREAT!) Megaptera sound. BAM! Dialogue samples from classic 80s horror flicks, heavy and evocative looped industrial drones, sacred religious synths and slowly ritualistic metallic rhythms. Soo damn convincing, the sound and the re-mastering sound truly fantastic! I am (almost) getting a religious experience out of this. This track called The Passage To Your Evil Dreams also one of my favorite Megaptera tracks. And yes, the Gemini is still dead! 

Next track Disorientated leaves you all alone in a huge abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere (in the night), how the wind rushes through the building while it creates strange noises through small crevices and metal-junk, paranoid voices surrounds you, and sounds of great wind-mills outside starts raising the hair on your neck while a cold... and  metallic thumping rhythm keeps pounding in your head!. Fantastic eerie piece. Third track Haunted By Demons continues with circling machine-like mood-drones and offers sound-visions from demon tortured souls. Post-apocalyptic metallic and tribal rhythms and the sound of tortured and worshipping humans. Last track The Squire Goes Insane, is a track with 4 tracks inside! A heavy meditative intro welcomes the listener, feels (and sounds) like being invited into an apocalyptic Christian cult while you can hear the cars outside... Just driving by.  

A strange and insect-like chirping sound being also at present. The religious and trance-like state overtakes you, and it drowns you into a repetitive state of being. Fluidlike noises, heavy alien-like/non-human breaths, evocative (and metallic) drums, mesmerizing (and heavy) monk-like choirs, church bells... The sound again of Megaptera (and the remastering) is beyond perfection. All of this (almost relaxing) heavy ambiance gets replaced by an infernal and eerie sound, which afterward gets combined with an even strange looped rhythmic sound-element. You have to hear it to experience it!. Whoever started the rite in the cult, someone (or something) unnatural is being summoned for sure!. Could it be... Hastur (He who should not be spoken), Azathoth (Idiot Demon Sultan), Asmodeus?... You decide! The drama ends when the portal has been opened... and it throbs like a huge heart with icy winds from foreign dimensions surrounding it, hypnotic ritualistic beats marks their present... silence once again, only the sound of the huge heart being present. Ritualistic chantings and tribal beatings start, to bind the summoned (NON-Christian) elder god at its place within the sacred circle. If it got loose, it would probably devour the entire world!. The drama rises with heavy winds and jackhammering insect sounds, while the tribal beatings are relentlessly going on in the background. This mood continues, ends and intensifies with a haunting drone-ish synth... Makes it all sound very uncomfortable, in a good way that is. Heavy good shit, that is all I have to say!

So there you have it. A death-industrial/dark-ambient bible for every freak who hates pure drone music for hipsters. Obey my command, DO GET IT!!!!!


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