torsdag den 11. oktober 2018

Turgor - Imferrum

Italian label Industrial Ölocaust Recordings is back with a new project while hails from the capital of Russia, Moscow. Called Turgor, which means:

"the state of turgidity and resulting rigidity of cells or tissues, typically due to the absorption of fluid."

In other words, absorbing fluid at the point where you´ll crack from the pressure. I am not sure what the album title means, maybe being something being... infernal perhaps?. Nevertheless, it has been released by physical means via Industrial Ölocaust Recordings on a pro-CD-R encased in a jewel-case. How limited it is, I am not sure (no info). If you should have the interest in only having the album by digital means, that I can reveal to you that the album is available though UK-based dark-ambient label called Kalpamantra plus US-based label called Studio 4632 (see Bandcamp links below). 

So what is Turgor about it?. According to a small piece of paper which was with the promo CD-R (which I received through the post) the info is as following:

"TURGOR is a process of sound research of the material from which the world around us is built"

"TURGOR method: work with ancient ritual musical formulas in the space of individual experience of project participants; conjugation of the sound of natural materials and possibilities of synthesis of sound. Objects and tools used to build sound spaces are created uniquely for each particular process."

In other words, we are dealing with an esoteric industrial and experimental-ambient project which uses found material as it is. The first track You´ll Never See (In) gets you right into the very foundation of which industrial-ritual music is about. Mass-like and esoteric ritual rhythms, spine-tingling metallic sounds, evocative chantings and something... just something sounding like that Tibetian thighbone trumpet (Do a Google search!), in other words: A GREAT INTRO! Something in between Lustmord´s Heresy and Endvra´s Black Eden. Next track Outer Space Transmission lets the listener leave the earth for a while in search for angels or aliens, the Tibetian vocal-themes roams in the background while harsh and cold ambient atmosphere caresses the ear. While you are wondering what the journey to deep space was for, you´ll subconsciously flow through the next track called Invitation To War. In the Warhammer 40K universe, you have probably entered a universe where the everchanging forces of Chaos roam. Which could mean an Invitation To War? Martial metallic percussions (Heavily distorted), eerie and warped dark ambiance (and vocals), TG´ish proto-industrial guitar-work. Not bad, fans of In Slaughter Natives and MZ.412 might wanna check it out. 

Next track Anomalyra slows time down to a pleasant halt, a deep and heavy paul-stretched industrial-ambiance treat for modern dark-ambient stoners. Hauntology is the fourth track on the album offers new completely new sides to the album. Cool sounding and mysterious percussions and doom´ish soundtrack synth-works, the saddest thing is that it is the shortest track on the album!. Second, last track offers menacing post-apocalyptic rhythms, looped distorted guitars and evil-sounding gasmask vocals... sounds a bit like early Scorn?!. Last track Nessus ends the album ends the album beautifully in the deep and dark cellar, with a movie-sampled whispering voice and blackened atmospheres. 

Everything works on this album, both the ideas and how it all has been created. Only one minor issue with the album, at times it sounds like the recorded sounds having been recorded.. too loud? It creates minor clicks and glitches. BUT, I do think that the quality (and the uniqueness) of the album can make the listener look-away from these sound-issues. Have a go on it!

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