søndag den 9. juni 2019

Disen Gage - Nature

All the way from Mother Russia, Disen Gage has been existence since 1999. Taking elements from prog-rock, free-jazz, space-ambient, noise, and industrial music... so far they have come up with 7 albums and this one is their newest which came out last year via (No Name) label (Seriously!... that is the label name). A 3 track album, where each track is about 15 minutes each. A concept album working around the planets, trains, and animals. Otherwise, read this official and interesting concept statement:

This story started a long time ago when the participants of Disen Gage scoured in the night in the dangerous vicinity of the Moscow railroad station “Sortirovochnaya” trying to capture fascinating sonic roulades emitted by the wagons. At the same time, on the other side of the globe, in the State of Iowa, astronomers succeed in converting strange signals coming from the orbit of Jupiter into audible sound palettes. Later, in an Australian swamp, Mrs. Toad said to Mr. Crocodile: "Dude, why not concoct a Tops-of-the-Pops album of all those ingredients, one on which we would sing all together?” "I'll call Mr. Bear, my Siberian friend. He knows how to mix all stuff with a beat", answered Mr. Crocodile. Finally, the Nature, crafted from sounds of planets, trains, and animals including higher primates, is now in your hands. Still, we wonder how the human ear will take this… 
…and songs of the mushroom kingdom and bacteria are coming next.

The very first track (I know I have mentioned Dr.Who before) sucks you and the Tardis into some deep and weird dimension (We are talking about black and white Dr.Who-era). One of those kinds of dimensions where normality, as we know, ceases to exist! I can Recommend seeing The Mind Robber episode or The Edge of Destruction. Psychedelic trippy space-ambient with looped industrial machine rhythms... think the surreal and heavy industrial sounds of Deutsche Nepal and the cosmic space exploration ideas from Biosphere. Really like the first track, a lovely kind of organic feel to it. Interesting elements of free-jazz and deep space drones end it. 

Second track Trains, it gets a bit more... desolate and eerie. Sort of like being completely alone on a huge (and old) train station. Looped wind-sweeping rhythmic sounds, in the distance you have screaming trains slowing down the speed, hidden sound-drones lurk, repetitive and breathtaking and haunting ambient-tunes. The whole track just feels like something you want to dive into, and have you completely absorbed. Excellent soundtrack material here, really good!.

Last track Animals has according to the CD-cover a wide range of different animals as guest musicians. Anything from a bear, hyenas, crocodile, toad... you name it!. Looped, repetitive and exquisite strangeness streams through your speakers. Who could have thought that animal sounds could be so interesting?. Almost a kind of technoid rhythmic-electronica feel to this piece. Love it when you can hear the wolves howling here. Interesting psychedelic sludge-metal kind of ending.

I have nothing bad to say about this. An incredible unique release with a HUGE world of the sound-aesthetic inside (and ready to be explored!). The sound quality is worth to mention since it is incredible great!. When I am reviewing this release, I am sitting in a room where I have perfect stereo-sound. And the stereo sound is just mindbending here, it feels real and you can almost touch the sounds. You can feel and hear how the recorded elements float around you! This album is an absolute must! Again, it is available on digital format and on CD as well. You can get the physical CD format via the label-link below!.

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