søndag den 30. juni 2019

MB - T.P.T.M.B.T.D. 

Written by Kristian Robert Carter

" Dedicated to all those who are searching for the truth " Whose truth? Truth is in short supply these days. Perhaps it's always been this way but in the fast paced hyper technological world we inhabit, truth has actually become a commodity. Truth is invented, truth is traded, truth is manufactured. In the era of fake news and misinformation; one must ask both what truth and whose. Maurizio Bianchi has been seeking the elusive and spiritual in the temporal for over four decades now. In his formative years he sought some kind of humanity in the increasingly cold mechanistic industrial environment of his native Italy. Vainly attempting to unearth the logic that lay behind the crushing facade of a society that perpetuates dehumanization and isolation within its socio economic sphere. In essence what Bianchi tried to capture with his early sound experiments was the complete atomisation of the individual within the technological world. He could see that rather than liberating us from our shackles, that very technology was instead entrapping us inside a bleak and sterile cell. Alone and isolated. Nothing more than an isolated atomic particle colliding in vain against the walls of our own technological hell. Through his bleak and cacophonous audio works he created an audible portrait of the static screams of the human race; as it was consumed by the very equipment they had created to liberate themselves. He stared headlong into the abyss and what he saw repulsed him He walked away. He sought a truth far from the technologic hell he had surveyed. Maurizio found some of the truth he had sought and returned after a lengthy absence. In order to continue his search for meaning through sound and art. To use music as a tool to explore his new spiritual truth. This album released on Japanese label Music Atlach is a remastered work that first appeared on cassette in 2015. Lavishly packaged and lovingly restored from the original master recordings. T.P.T.M.B.T.D is a lengthy disk. Comprising of two thirty minute sections. The first track entitled Tele Pro Thermo unfolds slowly, as if the track is a photograph that is obscured by smoke. As the smoke begins to dissipate the blurred image begins to slowly become discernible. I say photograph because the track is static, there is very little movement at all and in fact the movement is perhaps only distinguishable as the movement of the dissaptating smoke that clouds the frozen image. If your hoping for a clearer glimpse of what's actually upon the exposed photograph you'll be dismayed to find that the actual Polaroid is a blurred mess of distorted scenery. To actually ascertain what is captured in that exposed image is virtually impossible. One can only catch a fleeting glimpse of what may or may not be there. There are faint edges, contours and protusions but that is all. Everything is out of focus and ill defined. Whatever truth is lurking imperceptibly within the image is out of grasp. Trying to clutch at this truth will leave you frantically clawing at mist. There is nothing to hold onto and that truth will slip effortlessly through your outstretched fingertips.

The second track engimatically titled Mikro Bio Tetra Dys is a haunting floating hymn to an unrealised dystopia. Through the bleak murky fugue that surrounds this piece a choral chord sequence threatens to pierce the gloom and bring into this shade world a searing flash of luminence. However despite how hard the light pushes it is unable to break through the gloom and instead it is buried within the greyness that seeps at a funerary pace across the track. There is hope but it is only by piercing the darkness will you find any kind of salvation. Maurizio Bianchi has looked into that darkness and he has found his truth, his salvation. The question is; are you willing to do the same?

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