tirsdag den 28. januar 2020

Mademoiselle Bistouri - Daily Routine/Solipsism

Released by German-based label Obsessive Fundamental Realism last summer (2019). Limited to 50 copies, and here is the exact description of the actual physical release (From the label):

Cassette and one single-sided insert come in a white plastic bag closed by 2 metal fasteners with a photographic print attached to the front with four metal fasteners and a label sticker attached to the back.

A lovely and cool design concept which the label has chosen to follow on their cassette releases, I like that a lot. So what do we have from Italy this time? Depraved and brutal industrial-harsh noise with tons of feedback, layers, and reverb!

I must be honest, never been a fan when someone is using pornographic-themes in context with extreme music. BUT! When it´s well done, I do tend to forget the pornographic ideas and start focusing on whatever is recorded. 

The first thing that you´ll understand more clearly than the provocative cover-artwork, would be on what is on the tape (like I said earlier). The cover-artwork shows someone's bottom with something stuffed inside, some kind of robe maybe? It could look like the work of some sort of sexual-disturbed serial killer, as the Italian serial Killer Monster of Florence? Genital mutilation, being a ritualistic fetish act for the perpetrator (or something else, nothing is certain). 

When you do press play and hearing the noise inside, somehow... it makes "sense". Whatever is on the tape is brutal and human... in a very... inhuman way. It´s recorded attitude is recognizable (in a way), and somehow it opens something inside the listener? Whatever is going on inside the "disturbed" mind of a serial killer, is clearly being described here purely in sound.

So there you go. Brutal atmospheric industrial harsh noise, not for the faint of heart!. For fans of Taint, Macronympha and Brighter Death Now (Innerwar). You can get it via the labels blogsite (No Bandcamp, see link below). Otherwise, check out Mademoiselle Bistouri´s Bandcamp site!

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