mandag den 18. februar 2019

Kadaver - Ain´t Love Grand?

Another review from our favorite Israel-based death/noise-industrial act, this one came out on CD in 2018 via L.White Records (Limited to 100 copies). A cool looking DVD-cased thing with a blackened forest on. And with the title ´Ain´t Love Grand?´ ?... 

I don´t know, is it?. Strongest emotion in mankind, one that destroys us and one that heals us in the everlasting circle of life. But I think that the kind of love which Kadaver will like to tell you a tale of would probably be the kind of love which destroys you... sort of.  

With such titles like A Gas Chamber With a View, Mouthwash, Answering the Dead and Death Opens No Doors we should be aware things might not be so grand anyway? Anyways.

This album is still locked into the noisier-era/sound of Brighter Death Now (Interwar-era). Classic harsh noise clashes with raw and heavy industrial-ambiance/drones. Screaming distortions from a warped vortex? Ritualistic harsh-noise? A nihilistic soundtrack to the perverse natures of humankind? One of my favorite tracks on here would be Answering the Dead. First I heard it, the next thing I read what the title was (and it was a perfect match!). Warped and multilayered human-voices, radio-like static tones with heavy wave-like distorted winds. Ever heard of those early recordings with people recorded which is supposed to be ghosts/voices of dead people on the radio?  Or maybe seen the flick with Michael Keaton ´Whitenoise´? The track gets that eerie and scary mood, not a radio-channel I wanna tune into!. 

Another interesting piece D.Flower works with a ritualistic beating and slightly psychedelic sound-workings. Second last track Cold Steel Table also gets around that Texas Chainsaw-sound via early Atrax Morque in a distorted and reverbed slow-motion. Last track Death Opens No Doors, which is probably the merriest piece on the album. There is nothing beyond the void, only peace and well... nothingness. Noise-Churning beast of sound crawling in and out of your soul. Very nice".

A thorough death-industrial album with a lot of grinds, ambient-fuzz and less rhythmic monotony which some death-industrial artists sometimes works with. Fans of harsh-noise who needs an introduction into death-industrial... could work!. Despite all the death and misery which the album deals with, I would nonetheless recommend this album! And yes, the guy behind this project is a true gentleman who gives hugs over messenger! I love him. He couldn't provide me with a promo from the label, and so he just made one himself which he sent me instead!... Love him!. Well?... Ain´t Love Grand?!...

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