tirsdag den 25. oktober 2022

Kadaver - Micro Death

We´re back again with another release from the maestro of harsh death noise, Kadaver from Israel. Micro Death came out last April on a label (which I do not know) called Fantasy 1. A cool-looking noise label from Texas with cool acts like Black Leather Jesus, Astro, and Vomir. The new Kadaver CD-R album has been released in a slim-line DVD with an insert, my promo version is in a nifty-looking plastic pocket with yellow paper which has been printed on it... think I recognize the photo on it... from some old 80s Italian horror flick I think. There are two tracks on this mini-album, about 35 minutes in total here. 

The first track is called Fleschette Bloodletting. Fleshette (or Flechette) is another word for a pointed steel projectile with a tail for a stable flight... dart. And with bloodletting after that, it would then sound like some sort of i-dare-you-contest... or some new kind of torturous sport! Anyways!. The track starts with a blistering and crunchy wall of high-pitched sound. A cool and menacing bass wall, distorted demonic voices are hidden within, and then also the razor-sharp machinic wails and screams. The sound quality is excellent, love it when you can hear all the effects and the crunchiness of it all. Harsh noise version of Brighter Death Now´s Inner-war in a way. Also a kind of cosmic greatness in the sound, very high to the ceiling as well. A devastating and hellish 18 minutes and 48 seconds in pure delight.

The second track simply called Wasser (Water in German) starts with a distorted sound which I haven´t heard in some time... with the speakers on your old tube television going down or some of that gritty noise that could be located on an old VHS tape. Additional elements of shattering and shredded noise are added to the tube television. Away from the BDN sound and closer to the Grey Wolves sound, but still in the slowly-built harsh-noise approach/atmosphere. Not as action-driven as the former track, but closer to a kind of dynamic noise wall. More of a nihilistic vibe going on here. I like the idea that the track seems to have a kind of static expression in the sound, but listening closer and you may notice the action going on behind the static expression. And the sound expression intensifies (slowly) the further you get into the track, giving you that impression of getting higher and higher in some elevator. Maybe the track was trying to illustrate how water moves when flooding is happening... I know! ... Since I have experienced that in my cellar!

Cool tracks, cool album. Delivering what was promised from a Kadaver album. Abstract ambient noise or just harsh death industrial noise? The Sound (and the expression) is excellent and diverse, with a lot of layers and depth in the sound as well. I was almost close to finding the second track a bit boring, but as Hannibal Lector would say ´ All Good Things Comes For Those Who Wait! ´ and that is exactly how to describe that second track. Overall, a fantastic noise treat!.